What is "Just Need A Little Help"

This package is ideal for someone that just needs help choosing the right accessory to complete their space! You may just need help selecting the right rug, or adding the right light fixture! We've got you covered, you are able to work with one of Delight In Designs designers on an hourly basis in helping you choose the right accent pieces or narrowing down color choices.

What you can expect?

  1. Discovery call, all clients start here!

  2. In home design consultation understanding your needs and how you want to complete your space.

  3. Working with your designer to understand scope of work with a solid estimate of how many hours we might need to complete your space.

  4. Ideas/selections presented to you with decisions made.

  5. Should we get to the point where we begin project managing, it may be time to discuss moving to one of our design packages!