Kitchen/Bath DIY (With Help!)

What is Luxury DIY Design?

Price: Based on scope of work

This solution is perfect for the DIY’er who needs a designer to come up with the plan. We will deliver a roadmap to get your kitchen or bath looking like a luxury design without the luxury design price. With that you will be responsible for the execution of the design. Purchasing, installation, project management, and styling it on your own.

Luxury DIY Kitchen & Bath Design is a different approach to design. This is targeted to someone who wants to say they tackled the project themselves, but the specifics about what kind of furniture, lighting, finishes and an overall cohesive look are something they need from a professional eye.

This package is right for you if:

  • You want a designer to evaluate your kitchen or bath and give their expert recommendations, but you are able to execute the design plan on your own
  • You want to make sure you buy the right fixtures and materials in the right size and style for your space.
  • You are able to shop your furnishings but need help from someone with a design eye.
  • You want to take credit for tackling a design project but need a professional in your back pocket to lean on.
  • You have been spending time working on a space and have hit a wall because you are just not coming up with a cohesive look.
  • Your design skills are lacking but you want your friends and family to think you know what you’re doing.

*Price listed is per space. Bundle pricing is available for multiple rooms.

Your Luxury DIY Design plan will include:

  • DIY Design Roadmap with Mood Board
  • Design Plan Presentation with your designer
  • Accurate Measurement of the space
  • Detailed Floor Plan to Scale
  • Up to Two Detailed Renderings of the Space Complete with Cabinets, Fixtures, Countertops, etc
  • Custom Color Selection
  • How To - With Designer Notes
  • Shopping List*
  • Price List for the option to purchase from our for the trade vendors

* We'll share detailed descriptions of the furnishings we'd like you to source for the space including measurements, fabric options, arm style, cushion options, etc. If you'd like to take a little more off your plate, we would be happy to make the purchases for you for an additional fee.

Prices are per space.

The Luxury DIY Design Process:

  1.  We will first have a discovery call with you so we can collect some information about you and your project. We will have you take measurements and send photos of the room you wish to work on. We will then have a call between you and your designer to discuss the goals and specifics of the project.

  2.  After your designer has all the information he or she needs they will get to work on your project. Your designer will work to create a custom plan that will give you everything you need to redesign your space. This will typically take about a week to complete.

  3.  When your designer is finished with your plan, she will send you your completed design and shopping list of furnishings we recommend for your project with an option to. You will then have a follow up call with our designer to ask any additional questions about your design.